Security Camera Systems

PortHill Networks takes the time to understand your needs by designing Safeguard Solutions for your business. Monitor the inside and outside of your business with top of the line IP Surveillance Systems. 

MAnaged Device

Networked surveillance systems that help companies monitor and record multiple offices and rooms in a convenient centralized managed device. They can improve safety, prevent theft and stop unauthorized access to the specified areas. 


Analytics driven

Face Detection Analysis with 4K, Ultra HD IP Cameras, Secured and Recorded Storage, Motion Detection, and Full Service IT Support with Camera Install Solutions. Advanced Video Analytics with the capabilities to managed your Security Cameras remotely when being onsite is not an option.


Remote view access

Structured Cabling Installation, Monitoring and Support of any PortHill Networks’s Advanced IP Security Camera Systems. This provides our clients with Remote View Access on any mobile device with advanced App Control features.


State of The Art Technology

4K, Ultra HD IP Cameras, Secured and Recorded Storage. Monitoring Motion Detection Notifications. Full Service IT Support and Camera Install Solutions.



Secured Remote Access

Advanced PoE Technology. Video Analytics. Manage your Security Cameras remotely when being onsite is not an option.



Face Detection Analysis

Learned behavior bio metrics enable our cameras to detect personnel.



Intelligent IP Camera System Solutions

Intelligent Security & Monitoring

180 Panoramic Viewing, Smart Analytics

HD, 2K, 6MP,4K, 8MP,12MP, and other Ultra HD Cameras

Efficient Video Recording & Backup Solutions

Outdoor Domes, Bullets, Turrets

Covert Fisheye, Audio, and Networked PTZ Options


Security Challenges

PortHill Networks’ Installation is strategically managed to meet the complex needs of your business’s infrastructure by simplifying the installation with professional project management solutions and one on one consultations to ensure we meet your needs. Our enhanced technology solutions provide you with the latest and most advanced surveillance systems with a plan for future upgrades and expansions.



Structured Cabling & Networking

Installation, Monitoring, and Support of any PortHill Networks’s Advanced IP Security Camera Systems. Remote View Access with any mobile device with an advanced App Control.

Business Focused Security Solutions

Protect your business property! Safeguard your assets and equipment with PortHill Networks’s advanced and innovative IP Surveillance System Solutions customized to your needs.


No-Risk FREE Site Survey and Estimate!

We provide a no-risk FREE site survey for your business to determine exactly the security camera requirements and exact estimated cost of equipment and installation.


Increase Overall Safety with Monitored High-Risk Areas

We design solutions to secure high-risk areas from theft, improving safeguards, burglary, Employee Theft, and more with Ultra HD IP Cameras that provide the best image for cash registers, point of sales, stock rooms, entrances, exits, common areas, and more.


We're committed to optimizing business in areas of operation, data traffic and workflow through deep insight analysis, digital innovation and Technology integrations. Help us help you.


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