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PortHill Networks presents an informative blog about how different technology solutions can help improve your business. We are continuously researching innovative technologies that give us the edge we need to remain competitive while delivering solutions that improve business continuity and increase revenue for your business. Our team members are focused on the sole mission of informing and educating businesses about potential advances and breakthroughs in the Tech Industry that could revolutionize their business structure. This is made possible by our research and development team that strives to give you that edge in your industry. 

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Smart Automation

Learn about the latest smart technologies for your business, commerical and residential needs.


Understand whats behind the technology that you interact with. Know why and how it can enhance your life.

AI & Security

Lastest news & information on the world of the software and hardware thats changing the world.

Backbone Cabling and Horizontal Explained

Although they are distinct from one another, horizontal and backbone cabling work best together and are essential for various cable settings and specifications.

Common Types of Networks| Benefits and Designs

The size, connectivity, coverage, and architecture of networks vary. This tutorial examines prevalent network types, their advantages, and use cases.

Benefits Of Structured Cabling

A vital structure to your network cabling that is the medium which carries your information through out your organization.