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PortHill Networks provides businesses the integrated and enhanced  link between their organization and their technology systems. We create solutions that integrate innovative technology by streamlining business processes  with your hardware and software infrastructure.

What we do for you

Scalability within your technology services and solutions for your business is critical for
performance driven workflow and continued business growth. Solutions are specifically designed to your hardware and software workload demands, requirements, expansion plans and more.


Technology Solutions

We’re committed to optimizing business in areas of operation, data traffic and workflow through deep insight and analysis. Digital innovation and Technology integrations helps us better help you.


Security Services

PortHill Networks stands above the competition and the world’s most dangerous IT threats and cyber security vulnerabilities by implementing continuous improvement and research in today’s technology. Our software and hardware security solutions integrate into your existing infrastructure while ensuring manageable expandability.


Networking & IT

Our systems provide the tools that bridge your company and technology solutions to safely manage and navigate the connected world. We design solutions that integrate into your business needs with strategic implementation  from end to end. 


Structured Cabling

Offers scalable end-to-end surveillance system solutions that integrate with your existing IP network. Protect your company’s key assets, prevent crime, eliminate intellectual property breaches, decrease vandalism, and prevent physical network access.


Camera Installation

Advanced and smart featured surveillance technology that provides you 24/7 live view and recording technology for your business, providing the coverage you need to protect your property. 


Software & Hardware

Utilizing both and software and hardware helps us to improve your business in all operation. Our engineers are always up to date with emerging technologies.

Our Industries

Enterprise Companies

PortHill Networks is experienced in industries that range from small businesses to large scale companies with multiple locations that require integrated technology. Communication is a key factor for companies and their business functions and require great attention to detail to ensure the project is completed correctly.

Consumer Products

We work on innovation and design to ensure we are integrating top leading products that give the end user the best solution  f or their budget that focuses on their future and long-term plans.

Emerging Technology

PortHill Networks invests the hours of work towards research and innovation into the technologies and industries we strive to improve and change. We are always working towards a greater goal of innovation and believe in the continued education of information technology to stay ahead of game and provide the great services and solutions we want to provide.

Data, Cloud, and Web Hosting

PortHill Networks emerges from a focus on information security that improves business continuity by developing solutions for private and secure connectivity to cloud platforms & data centers. Get high-performance cloud services that power today’s next-gen businesses.

Technology Consulting Services

For everyday support requests, you can rely on our experienced and dedicated Remote Support Technical Team to solve your issues.For more complicated situations, we’ll dispatch a Field Support Engineer from our Metro Detroit locations to go on-site and diagnose and troubleshoot through the issues.