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Cyber Security




The link between organizations and the need for predictability has become more complex. We aim to integrate technology, streamlining of business processes to make your business more predictable.

Project management 

Data Backup and Sync Services that provide realtime monitoring and information assurance for your business. With PortHill Networks, we know and understand that your information is critical and the most valuable asset of your business. Our protocols are designed to maintain, store, sync and secure your data at all times.


Integrated security protocols and data backup solutions that are updated in real time to combat the evolving landscape of malware and ransomware attacks. We spares no expense to ensuring that our technology driven solutions enforce these critical security measures.


By proactively managing your IT functions and services, we are able to help you avoid unwanted downtime, assess and patch security risks, maintain data availability, and provide upgrades and patches through strategic software and hardware scalability plans.


PortHill Networks is an IT and Security Technology solutions company serving South East Michigan. Our Goal is to help your business increase revenue while optimizing your organizations workflow. Utilize growth enabling services for your business now!

So You Can Focus On Your Business

Find out what PortHill Networks can do for your business’s technology infrastructure by optimizing and improving your business functions. Learn more about PortHill Networks Technology Solutions and Consulting Services that provides your business the Network and Connectivity Solutions needed for security and availability.

Hardware Diagnostics

Using our advanced tools and experience level with hardware, we will pinpoint the issues with your hardware to provide top tier support that with repair and resolve any hardware problems to get your business running quickly. 
Our diagnostics cover the majority of hardware devices commonly found in the business industry and will support all devices that PortHill Networks implements into your Business Technology Solutions Plan.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Top Tier Data, InfoSec, and Cyber Security services integrate into all of our solutions.
Cloud Applications and Storage Spaces that provide continued availability from remote locations.
Software and Hardware that does not rely on physically being onsite, rather using modern technology to provide robust and scalable Remote Solutions for your team members.